The Salty Collective is a digital agency for all of your website design, website development, and social media management needs. We help clients identify their goals and create a custom package unique to you. Learn more about us to see how we can help you form your own identity and take your online presence to the next level.


Web Developer / Tech Nerd

Ryan has always had a passion for computers and helping people with their technological challenges. After graduating from USC (fight on!), Ryan earned his law degree at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. He then went on to work at Deloitte in their Analytic Forensic and Technology Consulting Group, where he worked with the Legal and IT departments of many Fortune 500 companies to solve their technology issues. Ryan later combined his security and programming knowledge to launch The Salty Collective, where he takes care of back end programming and implementing new features to help client sites run as quickly and securely as possible.

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Web Designer / Social Media Guru

Becky grew up in England and loves everything design and photography related. After leaving a successful career in finance in London, Becky launched the immensely popular female travel community We Are Travel Girls. She is responsible for curating beautiful photography and travel articles on WeAreTravelGirls.com and features her own original travel content on BeckyvanDijk.com. At The Salty Collective, Becky uses her great eye for design to help clients come up with a perfect layout for their websites, including user experience, color schemes and wireframing. Becky also offers bespoke Blogging and Social Media packages to help clients grow their online presence and brand.

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